As an approved National Trust supplier, our services are varied but the quality of work has never been higher.

We are proud to be trusted to renovate and restore some of the country’s most historic buildings to their previous glories, including a number of projects in Kent.

If you’re looking for a company to undertake historic building conservation in Kent, then we’re here to help.

Our Services


Our masonry experience allows us to provide you with expertise and solutions through consultation.

We can provide an educated breakdown of the defects apparent with the building, including potential future problems, and a remedial solutions for each situation.

If you're looking for historic building conservation services in Kent, then we're here to help.

Restoration and Conservation

Getting the right masonry team to undertake your project is key to upholding its integrity and history.

That's why we aim to provide a high quality and efficient workmanship that both compliments and protects the fabric of the building.

Lettering and Bespoke Requests

Bespoke stonework requests can be one of the most difficult projects to undertake, however this is something we specialise in.

All bespoke requests are discussed and we provide you with the best solution as well as providing a high quality of workmanship.

Subcontracting and Project Management

As well as providing the services of a main contractor, we also provide a sub-contractor service.

Be it simply providing competent labour to carry out the work, or managing a site for the main contractor, our project management skills are second to none.

Would you like to discuss a piece of work?

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